Fun Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

What if it rains? Can I get a refund?

Yes, of course. If it’s raining an hour before your tour is scheduled, with no end in sight, we’ll happily give you a full refund or find a sunny day that works best for you.

Are the tours hilly?

SF is notorious for its hills but our tours are not.  Our bike tour routes have been expertly designed to avoid the hills and guests often comment on this seemingly magical quality. See our tours page for more details.

Is is safe to ride a bike in San Francisco?

Yes! Our tours follow official bike lanes and back roads, chosen because they are extra-scenic and with less traffic. Your expert SF cyclist-guide will help you navigate the city like a local (and a boss!). That means keeping you informed of all the turns and stops along the way, while creating extra space for the group on the road. There is also an extensive safety briefing before the ride and helmets.  

How fit do I need to be?

We recommend a modest level of fitness, but our tours are accessible to nearly every rider. You will still be pedaling a bike and ascending some very modest inclines that people in flat parts of the world may call ‘hills’. 

One of our guests said it best on Trip Advisor: “Total couch potatoes might strain, but Nick has a knack for finding the flattest route between two points and if you do any exercise at all you’ll be just fine.”  If you have any questions, please call or email us.

Can kids come on the tours?

Our tours are geared towards guests aged 12+. We love families, so if you have younger children and would like to go on a tour, just contact us about a private tour. (Note: we don’t currently have kid’s bikes or bikes to fit guests less than 4’10″/ 148cm ).   

Do you have equipment to carry infants or small children?

At this time we don’t offer trailers or child seats for infants or small children. It’s just not possible for insurance reasons. 

What should I wear on the tour?

San Francisco has famously varied weather, know as microclimates. While we’ll start off in the warmest neighborhoods, it often gets cooler as we ride along. We follow the rule cozy = happy.

While you don’t need special ‘bike’ gear for our leisurely ride, be prepared by bringing layers that can easily be pulled on and off.  We usually ride in pants and a t-shirt with a sweater on and pack a lighter windproof jacket, knit gloves, and a scarf just in case, all year round.  

Should I bring water or do you provide it?

You’ll need water. Hydrated = happy. Feel free to bring your own bottle or purchase a nice ‘spot top’ disposable bottle from us for a $1. All the bikes have bottle cages for easy access to your H2O.

Can you store my bags & luggage while I’m out on tour?

Yes, of course! There is plenty of space in our shop to store your stuff. The shop will be locked securely while we’re on tour so your bags will be right where you left them when we return.

What kind of bikes do you provide?

You’ll ride a custom-built-for-SF adventure bike. Unlike other SF bike tour companies (read: all)  that use cheap, off-the-peg bikes we choose to handbuild ours for the unique riding conditions in San Francisco.  While it cost us a lot more to do it this way, we’re confident you’ll find they’re some of the easiest to ride, most fun, and comfortable bike tour you’ve experienced. Want more? Meet the bikes on our bikes page.

Do you offer electric bikes?

No and here’s why: While e-bikes have their merits (say, for carrying cargo), it’s simply not true that electric bikes are better or necessary for a bike tour in SF.  Our hand built-for-SF bikes allow us to offer the best possible experience to you. They go where heavy, hard to maneuver e-bikes can’t ride (like trails and intimate pathways) or park (meaning more meaningful explorations off the bike).

But the hills?!! Our lightweight, custom tour bikes have huge gear ranges for easy pedaling the whole time and the expertly designed tour routes really avoid the hills. Better still, you’ll have the satisfaction of exploring SF in an active way, on your own power. Trust us, it makes that post tour beer and dinner that much better!

Also consider this: E-bikes make tours more costly and are often of inferior quality (read: like the ones bike tour companies use) . This means they’re often awkward, less comfortable, and feel less safe to ride than the super high quality bikes we provide to you on our tours.

Do you rent bikes?

We provide a bike for you for your bike tour but currently do not rent bikes. Pro tip: If you want to rent a bike we highly recommend SF’s bike share, known as the Ford Go Bikes.  They’re only $10/day or $15/month and we use them all the time. 

What’s the minimum number of people that you will take on a tour?

To make it practical on our end, we require 2 people at minimum to run a tour. While it’s rare, if only one person books a tour, we’ll do all we can to move that person to another tour with others (if possible) or give a full refund. If you have question, just contact us.

Do I tip the guide?

In short, yes. Our guides love what they do but rent is crazy expensive in SF (USD $3,300/mo on average for a 1br apartment) and tips go a long way to making ends meet. For important social and cultural reasons, tipping is customary in the U.S. service industry and is an essential component of guides’ compensation. The tip amount is at your discretion, but as a rough guide, consider giving 10-20%.