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Our e-bike tours are here, like only we can

We’ve reimagined what’s possible on a bike tour— or any tour for that matter— of San Francisco. These brand new adventures reflect our enduring excitement, passion, and love for showing you the best of the city… hills and all.

1) Top reasons e-bikes are cool and why we’re excited about them.

2) How e-bikes work and what makes ours special.

3) Our new electric bike tours. Explore the options.

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1) Top Reasons e-bikes are cool & why were excited about them

Electric bikes are all about possibility and the freedom to share more of the San Francisco we love— join us for an whole new world of exploration and adventure.

 Rides & feels like a great bike but gives you Superhero powers.

  • Ride with all your friends, family, and coworkers

Electric bikes level the playing field. That means you can bring along your favorite people of various ability, age, and fitness because everyone can keep up, effortlessly.

  • Don’t sweat the ride

With electric assist, it’s you, only stronger. Our e-bikes ride just like normal bikes and have almost no learning curve.

  • Love the SF hills

Let the views, not the climb, take your breath away! Our e-bikes make the hills a dream to ride and unlock the full magic of San Francisco’s most spectacular viewpoints.

  • Have more fun

E-bikes are a blast to ride. Get unrivaled, up-close access to all the best iconic and local sights. See more than should be possible, with energy to spare on a 100% authentic adventure.

  • Environmentally friendly

Rock & roll, responsibly. Our e-bikes can go more than 60 miles (96 km) on a 10 cent charge of electricity.

  • Help you get out there

On an electric bike bike the wind’s always at your back, the hills melt away, and day is that much brighter. There is no better time to get back on a bike and fall in love with San Francisco (and biking) all over again.

2 ) How do your e-Bikes work? What makes them special?

Ride the dream— this is as close to flying as you can get on a bike.

Our custom built e-bikes bring the same sublime, safe, accessible, and  extra-fun ride our traditional bikes are famous for, with the benefit of pedal-assist. This means that when you’re pedaling the e-bike motor gives you a boost, when you stop pedaling the bike stops assisting. It’s that easy.

  • You’re in control of the assist.

Right at your fingertips you’ll find a controller that lets you easily dial in the amount of assist you want at the press of a button. Easy peasy! You can always get more challenge and exercise too– it’s up to you. Plus, the display shows your speed and how much distance you’ve travelled, with a color screen and haptic feedback. Super cool!

  • Superhero power to climb & explore anything.

Conquer any hill with ease. Our e-bike’s ability to climb hills will take your breath away— from pleasure not over-exertion! With more powerful and efficient drivetrains, we can go where other electric bike tours can only dream of. Twin Peaks? Sutro Tower? the Marin Headlands? All on the same ride? Yes, please.

  • Safety always comes first.

By design our electric bikes have extra-strong brakes, extra-wide tires, a king-of-the-road upright riding position, and a refined drivetrain so you’re always in control. With years of experience and the most dedicated guides, you’ll be assured the safest ride, on the most sublime and scenic bike rides ever offered in SF.

  • Custom built from the ground up.

Welcome to the best bike tour e-bikes in the world. If you’ve been of our tours, you already know our bikes are special. As huge bike nerds, we knew we could do better. That’s why we hand build each USA-made e-bike with top quality parts in our workshop, so you get a sublime, safe, and extra-fun ride.

  • High performance motor

The electric bike motor is located around the pedals in the area known as the bottom bracket of the bike. Our motors have a power output that matches that of only the best and most expensive e-bikes on the market. This gives our bikes a safe assisted top speed of 20mph, smoother acceleration, and an always-in-control feel up every incline.

  • The same long-life batteries used in a Tesla.

Our electric bikes sport more range, more efficiency, and more safely-delivered power than anything else out there. Why? For one, they literally use the same state-of-the-art cells as a Teslas. And the battery pack is assembled right here in California, to ensue the greatest reliability and safety.

3) Our NEW electric bike Tours: re-imagine possible.

From the essential icons to the most hush hush hilltop gems, these brand new adventures showcase our favorite SF places… without limits. Join us to reveal SF’s most awe-inspiring views, grandest nature, ALL the most beloved local neighborhoods, and tastiest food. We’ll embrace our magical city’s infamous topography while immersing ourselves in its storied history and culture.

Get a whole new perspective on SF, without worrying about the hills

  • The Electric Infinite City – 5 hrs/ 22 miles

Experience more of SF have more fun in a single day than should be legal! Go farther and where any other SF tours can’t. Explore Twin Peaks, Sutro Tower, all of Golden Gate Park, Land’s End, the Presidio the Golden Gate Bridge, and so so much more. The ultimate adventure by bike is now accessible to everyone.

  • The Essential Electric – 3.5 hours / 13 miles

An e-bike riff on our legendary neighborhood tour– now with hills! Reveal our favorite spectacular hilltop views, special hilly neighborhoods beloved by locals, gorgeous hillside parks, new culinary treasures, and so so much more– all without breaking a sweat.

  • OUTSIDE LANDS ELECTRIC  – 4.5 hours / 20 miles 

Experience all of the most spectacular nature and most legendary biking areas in and just beyond San Francisco. This includes ALL of the most amazing views of the Golden Gate Bridge. The only bike tour that visits the magical Marin Headlands including the extra-special Hawk Hill, Point Bonita Lighthouse, and Rodeo Beach.

  • ELECTRIC City Lights Night Tour – 9 miles (14km) / 3.5 hours. 

Explore all of the most stunning night landmarks and views of San Francisco, while enjoying our all time favorite sourdough crust pizza. See the Ferry Building, Bay Bridge, the most incredible waterfront views, incredible light art installations, and breathtaking panoramic hilltop views. A complete fresh and healthy way to experience SF at night.

  • The Great Electric Introduction – 9 miles (14km) – 2.5 Hours

The coolest way to get a lay of the land and ideas for exploring SF. This awesome little tour explores some of the city best local neighborhoods, most sweeping panoramic views, and even rides down SF’s real windiest street (sorry lombard!). We’ll also get sweeping waterfront views as we ride along the Bay, past the new Chase Center arena, and return via the coolest bike trails along SF’s original waterway. 

4) be the first on our new e-Bike adventureS. Free Test Rides!

Golden Gate Bike Tour and Bike Rental Baker Beach sand

E-Bike Tours launch early April 2020. Take a test ride in March.

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